Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Land Traders can work with you and another party through a Joint Venture arrangement. Land Traders will charge the 3rd party a fee to start the JV and upon completion of the JV.

Many property developers would rather set up a Joint Venture with a landowner, rather than buy the land and then also have to pay out for the development of the project and then have to wait for sales to come in.

Land Traders works with land owners and developers on a regular basis to formulate and agree such terms between the land owner and the developer. Doing so results in a slightly higher sum for the land, to the land owner and slight less profit for the property developer, however, both parties benefit.

Property development is very expensive and being able to remove the cost of buying the land upfront can often result in £50,000 to £300,000 in proceeds for the land owner, once the development is complete.

Land Traders has relationships with over 50 property development firms and groups throughout the UK making such transactions possible. Land Traders is aware of the mutual benefits, gains and profits for both parties through such agreements.

Subsequently, if you own land and wish to maximise the value you achieve for the land, then get in contact with the team at Land Traders today to discuss Joint Venture opportunities.